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The present terms and conditions (henceforth, the “T&C”) apply and relate to the access to the website www.theprosperty.com.cy (herein referred to as the “Web Page”) and/or as the case may be, any and all web links and/or sites within the Web Page, as well as any websites to which the Web Page redirects, and also to any relevant applications, i.e. “App” (herein all of the above shall be collectively referred to as the “Website”).

By using and/or accessing the Web Page and/or any material and/or information and/or data thereon, you (i.e. the “Web Page user”and/or“user”, terms which include a person who simply accesses the Website) and / or to a person who either wishes to upload one or more properties, which he offers for rent for a price, who will agree with the interested tenants that he will locate using the services provided by the licensed real estate agents cooperating with the Company and the management company respectively for a price on the Website for rent (hereinafter referred to as the "Owner"), and / or to a person who decides to rent immovable properties as described above (hereinafter referred to as the "Tenant"), agree to be bound by the present T & C.

In the event where the Web Page user does not agree with the T&C, such person must not access and/or use the Website and/or any of its contents, and/or must immediately discontinue such access and/or use.

The Website is property of the PROSPERTY R.E LTD, a company duly registered under the Laws of the Republic of Cyprus, with registration number HE405664 and with registered office at Diagorou 4, KERMIA HOUSE, App/Office 701, 1097, Nicosia, Cyprus, (hereinafter referred to as the "Website Owner Company’’.

The ROBURA LIMITED, a company duly registered in the Republic of Cyprus with registration number HE394618 and with its registered office at 192 Ledras Street, 3rd Floor, 1011, Nicosia, Cyprus (hereinafter referred to as "us" and / or "We" and / or "Company") has as its main activity, inter alia, the provision of real estate management services, which are located in Cyprus and abroad through the Website of which the sole beneficiary and administrator throughout the Republic of Cyprus is Company or on any other Website the Company may choose.

Purpose of the Web Page is the presentation and promotion of the properties offered for rent, through the licensed real estate agents cooperating with the Company. In particular, through the Web Page and through the licensed real estate agents cooperating with the Company, the renting of the properties of the users (prospective Owners) are promoted and the information of the users (prospective Tenants) is attempted, in relation to the offered properties. The Company provides management services to the Owner and to the Tenant for the purpose of renting the available through her, properties.

The prospective Owner submits his own personal information, the information regarding the property ownership, photographic material depicting the property, the requested amount of the monthly rent of the property and the range of the desired rental period of the property (self-listing). When managing the Owner's account, the Owner may modify the information he has submitted for the property, the requested amount of the monthly rent, as well as the time period in which he wishes to rent the property.

The Company is informed about the new registration, the information is confirmed, and a check takes place by the Company in order to determine whether the property offered for rent meets the conditions at the absolute discretion of the Company (which the Company establishes and may revise or to modify) in order to post the property on the Web Page for promotion through the licensed real estate agents cooperating with the Company. The Company may, at its absolute discretion, use technological tools in order to shape in a more qualitative way at its discretion the photographic material posted by the Owner and the entire presentation of the property. In case where the Company decides under its absolute discretion that the photographic material of the property lacks the necessary quality features for the posting of the property on the Web Page, the Company proposes to the Owner to proceed with the purchase of services of the Company to achieve the better presentation of the property and its posting on the Web Page, in which case the Owner may also choose to purchase these services.

After the posting of the property on the Web Page and the creation of the Owner's account, the Owner receives online offers from prospective Tenants through the Web Page, where each offer mentions the offered price that the prospective Tenant intends to pay in order to rent the property, as well as the time range of the rent he wishes to make. Upon the Owner accepts the offer of the prospective Tenant, the full details of the property to be rented and in particular the exact address of the location of the property to the Tenant whose offer was accepted by the Owner may be made available. After that, the Tenant can then ask the Owner through the tools of the Web Page to visit the property, through the licensed real estate agents cooperating with the Company, to determine if it is to his liking. The Company does not undertake to be present during the Tenant's visit to the property, since the Owner is the only one who has this competency. If the Owner and the Tenant agree on the conclusion of a rental agreement for the property, the said rental agreement can be signed either electronically through the Web Page or through a type document (rental) which is signed between the Owner and the Tenant and these two parties are free to choose among themselves the way in which they will enter into the rental agreement.

Immediately after the completion of the signing of the rental agreement between the Owner and the Tenant, the Tenant must pay the licensed real estate agents cooperating with the Company, for the indication and / or mediation services provided as this fee has been agreed in the signed assignment agreement.

The Owner must inform the Company via e-mail to account info@theprosperty.com.cy in a case where the offered property for rent is no longer available for rent or in case, he wishes to stop posting the property on the Web Page.

The Company is not liable to the users of the services of the Web Page for legal or real defects of the property, even if these make the property inadmissible for rent. Furthermore, the Company does not bear any responsibility in case the successful rent of the property is not possible.

Further to the above, the use of the Website is subject to the following conditions, which kindly read carefully:

  • All information and/or material and/or data provided on, and/or through the Website are so provided and presented in good faith, and for general information purposes onlyNo other and/or different use of the said material and/or data and/or information provided on and/or through the Web Page, is in any way authorized and/or permitted. Any violation of the foregoing and/or the T&C, may result in civil and/or criminal liabilities.

  • Neither we, nor any third parties, provide any warranty and/or guarantee as to the accuracy, timelines, performance, completeness and/or suitability of the information and/or material and/or data found on and/or offered through the Website, for any particular purpose. The Web Page user acknowledges that such information and/or material and/or data may contain inaccuracies and/or errors and We expressly exclude liability for any such inaccuracies and/or errors to the fullest extent permitted by Law.

  • The use of, and/or access to the Web Page, by the user, of the Website and the relevant use of any information and/or material and/or data contained on the Web Page is effected at the said user’s own risk, for which we shall not be liable.It shall be the user’s own responsibility to ensure that the products, services and/or information available through this Website meets such user’s specific requirements.

  • We reserve the right to terminate and/or limit access of any person, to the Website in general, and/or to limit access of any person to the Web Page in the event of abuse and/or improper use and/or access, which abuse and/or improper use and/or access, may be assessed and evaluated solely by us and in our absolute discretion. We actually reserve all our legal rights against any person effecting such abuse and/or improper use and/or access.

  • We reserve the right to change and/or amend and/or alter and/or supplement and/or subtract from, the present T&C, without any notice to any person and/or party.

  • All information and/or data and/or content provided by the Website user, are received by us and relevantly retrieved and managed, using reasonably secure and up to date technology.

  • We are committed to responsible data management and protection, pursuant and in accordance with the provisions of Law (125(I)/2018), concerning personal data protection

  • Any personal data relating to the Web Page user, obtained and/or collected by us during the registration process and/or at any other time of use of the Web Page and/or any relevant service, shall be recorded and only be used in accordance with Law concerning personal data protection (125(I)/2018).

  • We will not transfer any personal data pertaining to the Website user, to any third party, unless We have obtained the relevant consent of the said Web Page user to that effect. It is noted that any such third party may only be a member of our group of companies, which third party is processing data on our behalf securely and pursuant to our instructions, always in accordance with the Data Protection Law (125(I)/2018).

  • The personal data of the Website user shall be used to provide the information, goods and services offered through the Web Page to the Web Page user.

  • If the Web Page user shall sign up and/or consent for the receipt of communication and/or mail via email, post and/or SMS, We will use the personal information and preferences of the Website user in order to keep such user informed about events and news that We think will be of interest to such user.

  • All content and/or data and/or material and/or information, available on the Web Page, including but not limited to text, graphics, logos, icons, templates, downloads and/or software, is the property of Company and is protected by all applicable copyright laws and/or other relevant legislation.

  • For convenience purposes and towards the purpose of making the Web Page truly service oriented, we have included thereon links, references to useful sites. These sites are owned and operated by third partiesand are subject to their terms of use. We make no representation in relation to, and We are not responsible for, the availability of, and/or content located on and/or projected through, these sites. A third-party link from the Website is not an indication and must not be regarded as an indication and/or representation that Company endorses the third party or its relevant website, or that the Company has any affiliation with the third party and/or its hosting provider.

  • The Web Page uses cookies which provide us with information about how the Web Page is used, so that we can keep it as up to date, relevant and error-free as possible By using and/or accessing the Web Page the user accepts fully and without reservation the use of such cookies.

  • Access of any user to the Web Page is permitted on a temporary basis and we reserve the right to withdraw and/or amend the facilities and/or services provided through the Website, without any notice to any person and/or party.

  • By using the Web Page, the user consents to the processing described therein and in the present T&C and warrants that all data provided by such user are true and accurate.

  • The Web Page user agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmlessthe Company’s officers, employees, consultants, agents, and/or affiliates of the Company, from any and all claims, liability, damages and/or costs arising and/or resulting from the use of and/or access to the Web Page, by the said user, and/or arising and/or resulting from the breach of the Terms of Service which may be provided through the Website, and/or of the present T&C.

  • The T&C shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the Laws of the Republic of Cyprus, and the courts of the Republic of Cyprus shall have exclusive international jurisdiction regarding any matter arising from the present T&C and/or from the use and/or access to the Web Page.